How to Slim Down Your Love Handles?

How to get rid of love handles?One of the most impossible body area from which we can’t reduce fat even after putting maximum effort is from the area around our belly. This is a common concern for majority of overweight people. That we are unable to reduce fat from this zone specifically. Hopefully this will provide you with a thorough insight on how to deal with this critical situation.


Why does fat deposit on the love handles?

Commonly known as love handles, it is the stubborn fat around the sides of our belly and is one of the most difficult areas to eliminate fat from. This fat which is collected around our torso is a generally a result of poor and irregular eating habits, but there are also a number of other reasons for it. Some of them are highlighted here:
• Body shape
• No form of physical activities
• Intake of junk food in the diet
• Large Muscles

How to get rid of the excess fat of love handles?

Trying to get rid of love handles can be quite a challenging task. Isn’t it? It is much simpler to lose weight overall than to get rid of the excess fat which is deposited on our love handles. Although it is popularly believed that targeting abs is a good way to reduce love handles, but it is a myth and will not help you loosen your problem areas. In order to target your love handles the following measures are listed which should be followed:

Exercises :

The key to lose your love handles involves a high intensity interval training (HIIT). This can be followed online by watching various videos on youtube. Other commonly popular exercises for this problem area are:

1) Woodchoppers
2) Russian twists
3) Bicycle crunches
4) Side planks

Proper diet eliminating sugar :

Even if you work out religiously 5 days a week it is not necessary you will lose weight until you maintain a proper healthy diet. And the most important factor to be considered here is the sugar or fructose element in your diet. You need to cut that down instantly and then getting rid of love handles will be a much faster process for you.

Yoga :

Yoga has been passed down from our ancestors and has proved wonderful results. It not only helps you in losing the excess fat in your body but is also effective for the mind and soul.

Vaser Lipo – Loose your fat with least effort and get maximum result

Vaser Lipo is a new and very popular weight reducing treatment. In this process the regions which has excess fat in our body is targeted and is suctioned out with the help of a hollow tube. This technique uses ultra sound energy.

Why vaser Lipo is considered to be an effective option?

Since this technique is less invasive compared to the other weight reducing treatments, it is much preferred by all. In addition it has various other benefits including:
• Provision of local anaesthesia
• Affordable
• Recovery period of fast
• Very little or negligible bruises

Why Vaser Lipo is gaining immense popularity in London

Vaser Lipo technique is commonly practices in London where people are favouring it a lot. Because of its various advantages and natural looking results, this technique is gaining a lot of popularity in London.
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